Work Experience at Spun Gold and Wall to Wall

I just got back from London for the second time in three weeks after doing some work experience at Wall to Wall after spending five days at Spun Gold earlier in the month.

Over the course of the nine days I spent altogether at both companies, I was lucky enough to learn a range of new skills and do some research on Love Your Home and Garden and some new BBC shows, some running tasks, admin, social media management casting and more. I am incredibly grateful to everyone at both for giving me the opportunity – it was invaluable.

It was exciting and interesting to work on real-life existing productions with other people, and not to just be focusing on my own as I would at uni. Seeing different elements come together over the course of a few days was really quite nice.

I also learned a lot about various roles and responsibilities within production as I put my university knowledge and skills developed into practice, which will definitely help me going forward.

Thanks to everyone at Wall to Wall and Spun Gold, especially those who took time out to chat to me and give me stuff to do!

And as a side-note, *of course* being in London was the perfect chance to catch some musicals. I visited my all time favourite Matilda (yes, I had a little cry at ‘My House’) and waited for the goosebumps during ‘Defying Gravity’ in Wicked and I also went to School of Rock and Aladdin, neither of which I had seen before and both of which were amazing. Shout-out to Dewey alternate Gary Trainor and Elphaba standby Alice Fearn for being amazing despite not being the principals. God, I love a good understudy.

But going to the theatre means I now face a mammoth eighteen episode soap catchup session. Ken Barlow awaits.


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